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Our sponsors directly contribute and support sport for kids in our community and make a visible difference as every penny of sponsor money is reinvested in football equipment and facilities for the club. There are no hidden administration charges or costs, we are truly a grass roots club so we can assure a sponsor that their contribution is going directly to youth football.

The Baddesley Park community of players and their families is extremely loyal and is always appreciative of the club, its sponsors and supporters. We endeavour to encourage our community to support local businesses wherever possible and in particular when they are our sponsors. 

Finally, the football club and the work we do with the youth of the village and surrounding areas is valued and well respected by residents and our local parish council.

For the 2024 / 2025 season we have a number of teams looking for a generous sponsor.

If interested please contact the club. 

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Current Under 8’s Sponsor:

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Current Under 15’s Crusaders:

This team is in need of a sponsor. If you are interested please contact the club.

Current Under 15’s Knights Joint Sponsors:

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